Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy Department develops and implements drug dosage form technologies. The main areas of expertise consist of solid drug forms, i.e. tablets and capsules, as well as liquid drug forms, i.e. solutions and suspensions (including sterile forms). Pharmacy Department also develops technologies for semi-liquid forms: ointments, creams and emulsions for external use. Controlled-release dosage forms are also investigated. The R&D activities of Pharmacy Department are performed according to current EMA and FDA requirements and are properly described and documented. Research activities and development work conducted in Pharmacy Department are focused on the development of oral drug dosage form technologies from laboratory scale through ¼-plant scale to pilot scale.

Services offered:

  • Development of solid dosage forms and dietary supplements technologies for oral administration (granulates, tablets and capsules) - from laboratory to pilot scale.
  • Development of sterile eye drops and parenteral drug technologies (liquid forms and lyophilisates) - laboratory scale.
  • Development of semi-solid drug forms (ointments, creams, gels) - laboratory scale.
  • Modifications of the existing technologies and troubleshooting assistance at each stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Development of contract research batches of solid oral drug products still at the development or technology modification stage.

Technical capabilities of the Department - see the attached file


  • scientific staff - 5 persons
  • technicians – 2 persons
Head:mgr Michał Tynderynda
Land line:(+ 48 22) 456 39 49
Fax:(+ 48 22) 456 38 38