Quality Assurance Department

Quality Assurance Department is responsible for coordinating the quality assurance system built by all PRI personnel. The main aim of the realized Quality Policy is gaining and maintaining our clients’ trust by means of providing high quality services and products.

Upgrading the quality of the services and products provided is possible only due to the constant improvement of the working methods, implementation of modern research techniques, employment of highly skilled staff, regular personnel trainingand systematic monitoring of processes and analyses.

Quality Assurance Department functions in compliance with the regulations of Pharmaceutical Law and recommendations of both Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice. The implemented quality assurance system serves to continually improve our reliability and guarantees that our clients’requirements are duly met.

Quality Assurance Department’s primary activities include:

Managing and coordinating activities within the quality assurance system.
Cooperating closely with the Institute’s R&D and production departments.
Developing and approving system documents.
Assessing and accepting proposals for training in the area of quality assurance, preparing and updating training schedules.
Coordinating activities regarding external audits.
Preparing and conducting internal audits.
Preparing programs to review the quality systems.
Supervising corrective and remedial actions.
Supervising qualifications and validations.


  • 3 employees with higher education degrees
Head:Dorota Samson-Łazińska, M.Sc. Eng
Land line:(+48 22) 456 38 91
Mobile:(+48) 609 450 318
E-mail: d.lazinska@ifarm.eu