Patent Research

Patent research is performed retrospectively for the period since 1973, taking into account the current legal status of patent applications in the countries covered by patent services, with particular emphasis on the Polish territory. All research is performed using the reliable and unique Farmdoc CPI Derwent patent service and other databases provided by Thomson Reuters, .i.e. Cortellis and Integrity, as well as  the American Chemical Society (CAS) database  and the Institute’s own PatChem database based on the Polish Patent Office bulletins. Other databases  used include those available online, such as Espacenet, Polish Patent Office and European Patent Office databases and registers .


The core business of the Patent Attorneys Team is:

  • Procuring and enforcing industrial property rights, particularly patents for the inventions developed in the Pharmaceutical Research Institute.Studies on the patent protection status of drugs, syntheses and pharmaceutical dosage forms  around the world, especially on the Polish market.
  • Prior-art searches.
  • Risk evaluation of a potential collision with exclusive third-party rights.

Range of services:

  • Patent research in the field of chemistry and pharmacy, particularly chemical syntheses, polymorphism and pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Technical analyzes and legal opinions on the patent clearance of chemical and pharmaceutical technologies in Poland and in Europe.
  • Preparation of patent application documentation.
  • Patent information.


  • 3 employees with university degrees in the field of chemistry or pharmacy, including:
  • 3 Patent Attorneys registered at the Polish Patent Office , two of them enlisted as professional representatives before the European Patent Office and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM ).
Head of Department:Ewa Krzywdzińska, M.Sc. Eng.
Land line:(+48 22) 456 38 76
Fax:(+48 22) 456 38 38